For heavy-duty

Mark eraser 

Specially designed product that effortlessly removes stains and dirt on walls, baseboard heaters, floors and any type of surface.

It has powerful cleaning action and penetrates into surface grooves to remove accumulated dirt and the most stubborn stains such as light markings and ink stains. It is also recommend- ed for heavy-duty tasks.

SDS  Technical Data Sheet

Effaceur de marque, déloge saleté tout type de surface
Nettoyant pour sol en bois-franc laminés, vinyle, céramique ou marbre

Clean, shiny floors

Hardwood and vinyl floor cleaner 

Deep-cleans laminated hardwood, vinyl, ceramic and marble floors without leaving any residue or soapy film.

Its pH-neutral biotechnological formula pro- vides unparalleled performance and brings back the original shine to your floors.

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Cleaner and descaler

Ceramic grout cleaner

Deep-cleans your ceramic grout and brings back its original colour.

Removes dirt and efficiently cleans while elimi- nating odours. The ideal product for restoring all types of ceramic grout.

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Nettoyeur de joint de carrelage sans décoloré
Décapant pour sol écologique

Floor stripper


Designed to strip effectively and odorlessly to restore the surface to its original condition without leaving traces of floor finish.

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Hybrid Floor Finish with Bio-Elastomers 10TM

Nu-MC 2 

Creates a 20% solids satin finish that is low odor and extremely durable. It is ideal for high traffic areas and is suitable for floor maintenance with low or high speed equipment.

SDS  Technical Data Sheet

Fini à plancher écologique
Fini à plancher lustré

Floor finish glossy


Low odor. Lasting results and ultra fast drying time. Suitable for floors that need low maintenance frequency (low or high speed). Formulation free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

SDS  Technical Data Sheet

About BioSurface

The origin of BioSurface: an innovative and ecological solution

The genesis of BioSurface goes back to a challenge posed by a commercial customer faced with premature damage to its vinyl flooring, threatening heavy financial losses. The cause? Inappropriate maintenance using unsuitable products and techniques. To respond to this problem and support our customer, InnuScience, in collaboration with Escaban and Prosol Solution, pooled its skills to develop a revolutionary solution. The result? A remarkably effective cleaning product capable of restoring deteriorated vinyl surfaces.

This triumph, the result of our cutting-edge technology, is not only high-performance but also environmentally friendly, in line with the principles of sustainable development. This success has inspired the creation of BioSurface, an unprecedented range of top-of-the-range cleaning solutions designed to meet both professional and residential requirements.

BioSurface: Ecological Cleaning Solutions for Everyone

BioSurface transcends the boundaries between professional and residential, offering advanced formulas adapted to each type of surface. Whether for commercial floor coverings such as vinyl, whether homogeneous or heterogeneous, vinyl composite tiles, linoleum, rubber or carpet, or for the various surfaces encountered in residential settings, BioSurface guarantees exceptional efficiency while preserving the environment.

Each product in the BioSurface range is the result of continuous innovation, aimed at offering powerful cleaning solutions while adhering strictly to rigorous ecological criteria. With BioSurface, cleaning becomes a responsible act, helping to protect our planet without compromising performance.

Discover BioSurface, where advanced technology and respect for the environment come together to redefine the standards of cleaning, both at home and in the workplace.

A Partnership Based on Excellence and Innovation

The collaboration between InnuScience, Escaban and Prosol Solution to create BioSurface represents a perfect synergy between leaders in the hygiene sector. This exceptional partnership illustrates our shared commitment to excellence, innovation and a responsible approach to cleaning.

Mutual Commitment to Satisfaction and Ecology

Our alliance is based on a shared conviction: the key to success lies in an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental protection. Together, we have applied our in-depth knowledge and passion for innovation to develop BioSurface, a range of products that sets new standards in the cleaning industry.

Impact beyond expectations

Joining forces doesn't just mean creating products. It symbolises our shared vision of a future where professional and residential cleaning can be both powerful and environmentally friendly. BioSurface is the result of this vision, offering advanced solutions that meet diverse needs without compromising the environment or performance.

Discover the impact of our partnership through BioSurface, where innovation, efficiency and environmental commitment come together to deliver a revolutionary cleaning experience.

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